Saturday, 21 January 2017

Thank You!

Postcards are now available! I'm so excited to tell you that my shop is finally open.

Thank you everyone for your patience, very excited for these to make their way out into the world, to your friends!

Illustration Greeting Cards With Much Love

In the past week I have received dozens of requests for those cards. Thanks to your support my etsy shop has become alive and my illustrations are now available!

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Thursday, 10 March 2016


I have been really quite recently.
I am quite not sure if I have even some reader, I think I will keep trying to post occasionally…
This Monday, I started drawing-a-day project.
During my office work, I was so bored that I dedicated my “working time” to draw my left hand on the desk.
It´s been only 4 days, but I already see how I am improving.
I see more details and I feel how my rusty hand became more smoother.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Portrait Of Me


Last week, I took the whole week off and went to a small town in very Northern Germany to be fully able to have a rest. Over the day, I went for walk alongside beach, over the evening, I was drawing and reading books at the fire side with cup of tea and cookies. Most of the time, it was rainy but even this made me feel more cozy which I really enjoyed. 
One of my drawings during this week was a portrait of me when I was younger. I repainted a photo that I discovered recently and kept in my mobile because I really like the picture. I love how little me leans on the red chair and especially the colour mix and beautiful but spontaneous composition without any artificial purpose. I think this picture reflect very well my personality. I was always a very bright and cheerful child, maybe sometimes even with too much energy. I wonder sometime, where all my energy has been gone. Still today, when I am monkeying around I feel so childish and it is hard to believe when seeing myself like this how old I actually am, but what can you do? You are what you are :)

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I Am Always There For You

For my little sister, watercolour, YEJI KIM

In my recentpost, I shared with you that I love painting my own Christmas cards for my beloved ones. This card is painted for my little sister, telling her that I am always there for her. I´m so grateful having a sister and that she is my sister. People are always assuming that 5 years age difference is something that can sunder us in some way but we never felt any age difference and we have been always best friends.

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