Friday, 27 November 2015

Win My Artwork A Day!

All your walls want for Christmas is an original artwork!
Artfinder will giveaway every day from 1st to 24th December 2015 an original artwork.

How you can win my artwork? It´s very easy:
  1. Select my artwork that you would like to win from Artfinder (up to value of 280 EUR)
  2. Share a link to your chose artwork via Artfinder´s Facebook or Twittertagging Artfinder and #DearArtfinder and telling them why you love that particular piece.
Artfinder will select a winner every day, all winners will be announced via their social media channels. 
I wish you all good luck! :) 

For full description from Artfinder, please click here

Monday, 16 November 2015

Hello Dear

Hello Dear I & II, oil on canvas, Nov. 2015, YEJI KIM

I am delighted to present my recent work, my two lovely Bluefin Trevallies: They were protagonists of my last blog post, who challenged me a lot but they made me also happy while painting them. I was excited and even impatient to bring them full of live and glance, happiness accompanied me except (I admit) when I had my “inner crisis”. 

I was inspired by the diverse pure blue tone of colours depending on light exposure. Bluefin Trevallies are aggressive hunters in our oceans but as every living creature has its good side, I intend to capture their colours which appeal to me personally full of kindness and cheerfulness that nature has created. The colours and luminous effect are expressing their joyousness; this couple of Bluefin Trevallies is token of friendship and respect for beauty that nature embodies.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

There Is No Escape

No Escape I & II, Acrylic and ink on cold pressed paper, 50x40cm, Oct. 2015, YEJI KIM

Human being has always been striving for enhancement in every aspect: monetary as well as socially. The extension of this phenomenon became out of control so that the existence of nature is now not only jeopardized but losing their existence.

The shadow of the ink behind fluorescent background depicts the untouched nature, when turning the perspective, skyscrapers are outlined creating sinister atmosphere.

This art work is available on my website or on Saatchi Art or on Creative Debuts.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde

Colour Rain, Acrylic on canvas, 70x50cm, Jan. 2014, YEJI KIM

I am currently working on 2 paintings of Bluefin trevallies which have a diverse beautiful blue tone of colours depending on light exposure. But on Saturday, I was so unhappy about my work process. In my eyes on that day, I was absolutely not happy with the colours, they were not a Bluefin trevallies with full of live and glance I wanted them to be.  I was upset with myself. As I said in my recent post, I told myself, be brave, don´t be afraid of failure, you can only win. But this was not helping me at all at this moment.

I love painting, I could spend the whole day, the whole week with painting but for no reason (or for unknown reason) I tend to be unbearable with my whining when the result turns to be not as I have imagine and I don´t like.
So I stopped to paint, and told myself, I will have long long pause for these fishes and I dived into reading book; I was annoyed that I spend the whole day for nothing.

Next day which is a new day, so with new energy, I began with a new small painting first. I was quite happy with the temporary result of the small work (it is not done yet of course), and I transferred my happiness to the motivation for continuing the fish paintings.
I painted almost the whole day, I am super happy with my fishes now; they are as I have imagined, and as I wanted them to be alive. Was it because I had the courage to grab to more colours or more brush touches (I also did it the day before but I was not happy at all)… or was the problem just in my head?!?
Some days, it just works, some days I feel completely incapable to paint which makes me sad and crazy. I was wondering, am I really the only one, who becomes like Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to painting process/result?? I hope not…

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Follow Me!

Recently, I am focusing on promote my works and I discovered a platform called RISE ART. They seem engaged in supporting emerging artist, so I wanted give it a try. To start with the platform, I need 25 followers and favourites of my profile, so my portfolio can be reviewed by members of the Rise and Art Insiders team for free. I know, it is always time consuming but I would appreciate it if you  follow me here.  Thank you all!

A Little Bit More Kind, A Bit More Personal

Selfmade name card by YEJI KIM

Yesterday I made my name card on my own. Yes, all is hand written, cut and done.
The idea came from when I sold my painting for the first time. I wanted to thank the buyer more personally, so I wrote a little hand-written card with a little mini watercolor trout painted. It seemed that she liked the idea and asked me if I can write a new card addressing to her friend who is the receiver of the painting as a present. I was pleased by the idea that my painting is going to be a present, making people happy in somewhere in the UK and that such a little gesture could show others kindness and attention.

My new hand-written name cards are not identical as the printed ones but I have to say I am very happy with them. I used cold pressed paper (I like the feeling of the paper) and watercolour for the colour drops. I can´t wait to have the opportunity to give someone my name card soon :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Elbphilharmonie, graphite on cold pressed paper, 40x40cm, YEJI KIM

Elbphilharmonie, what a beautiful but odd creature!
When I am in Hamburg, I love to go to the city by ferry so I can see Elbphilharmonie so I can see it already from far.  One needs to get used to the pattern and design of the windows might need getting used to but harmonize perfectly with the environment where the building is standing. This building looks always beautiful independently of the weather condition – blue sky with full of sun shine or cloudy with heavy fog – the glass of the building reflects the colours of sky and water.

*The Elbphilharmonie is a concert hall under construction since 2007 in Hamburg and will be finished 2016.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Don´t Be Afraid Of Failure

Don't be afraid of failure, Oct. 2015, YEJI KIM

I have to admit that I have been too anxious about failing my art work. As a result, I was not able to experiment with full courage before. But recently I began to enjoy breaking rules, accepting the mistakes. As Mary Lou Cook once said, creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.  I fully agree with her and I can tell you that I am even enjoying the failure that helps me to find my creativity inside me.

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