Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Little Bit More Kind, A Bit More Personal

Selfmade name card by YEJI KIM

Yesterday I made my name card on my own. Yes, all is hand written, cut and done.
The idea came from when I sold my painting for the first time. I wanted to thank the buyer more personally, so I wrote a little hand-written card with a little mini watercolor trout painted. It seemed that she liked the idea and asked me if I can write a new card addressing to her friend who is the receiver of the painting as a present. I was pleased by the idea that my painting is going to be a present, making people happy in somewhere in the UK and that such a little gesture could show others kindness and attention.

My new hand-written name cards are not identical as the printed ones but I have to say I am very happy with them. I used cold pressed paper (I like the feeling of the paper) and watercolour for the colour drops. I can´t wait to have the opportunity to give someone my name card soon :)

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