Monday, 16 November 2015

Hello Dear

Hello Dear I & II, oil on canvas, Nov. 2015, YEJI KIM

I am delighted to present my recent work, my two lovely Bluefin Trevallies: They were protagonists of my last blog post, who challenged me a lot but they made me also happy while painting them. I was excited and even impatient to bring them full of live and glance, happiness accompanied me except (I admit) when I had my “inner crisis”. 

I was inspired by the diverse pure blue tone of colours depending on light exposure. Bluefin Trevallies are aggressive hunters in our oceans but as every living creature has its good side, I intend to capture their colours which appeal to me personally full of kindness and cheerfulness that nature has created. The colours and luminous effect are expressing their joyousness; this couple of Bluefin Trevallies is token of friendship and respect for beauty that nature embodies.

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